Updating Git using Homebrew

Pedro Pinhal · August 28, 2015

Whilst using Heroku to publish a new website, I got a warning that my Git version was out of date. Since I am using Homebrew to manage my versions, all i needed to do was updating within Homebrew:

homebrew update git

which duly updated it. However, running

git --version still produced the old version, git 2.0.1.

Running which git produces usr/local/bin/git, which is Apples git, and we need to supercede with the Homebrew managed version. To fix this we need to:

  • edit the .bash_profile (create one if necessary)
  • add the line export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"
  • restart your terminal app

git --version now produces 2.5.0, the latest version. It should also persist after system reboots.

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